Argania Spinosa Shell Powder is the powder obtained from the dried, ground nut shells of Argania spinosa (L.), Sapotaceae.

Argan powder has many of the same amazing benefits that its relative Argan oil does, making it a highly sought after ingredient for beauty products.

Argan oil contains tons of vitamins (A and E, for starters, which are fantastic for your hair, skin, and nails), as well as proteins, minerals, and essential fatty acids. The oil not only exfoliates skin, it protects, softens, and moisturizes it.

Argan powder may sound like it is naturally dry, but it actually moisturises the skin more than you would think, hydrating the skin from the outside in.

That’s not all it does: Argan powder has many other benefits too. It rejuvenates skin because it contains many vitamins, essential fatty acids, and antioxidants.

  • It unclogs pores and restores radiance to the skin, all while fighting aging of the skin and working to repair it.
  • Once you use Argan powder, the skin becomes more soft and beautiful.
  • All skin types respond well to Argan powder, but fair and extremely sensitive skin types take especially well to this wonder product.
  • Argan nut powder is used extensively in exfoliant scrubs because of its helpful exfoliating properties. Not many products help to exfoliate the skin while also softening, moisturizing, and adding nutrients back into it while they do so.