Co-founder : Anu Mariam Ninan

B’atude is close to Co-founder Anu’s heart.

She has worked with her co-founder Manav for more than a decade, bringing a great sense of lasting friendship to the B’atude mission.

Her sincere dedication and commitment to B’atude stems from a deeply personal journey.

A few years ago, Anu overcame one of the most difficult hormonal challenges a woman can face – PCOS. PCOS is a hormonal imbalance that has no cure – yet Anu believed differently.She went through a lot of trial and error in changing her eating habits & skincare regime, through B’atude that eventually led her to experience a great reduction in the effects of PCOS on her body.

Alongside these health trials, Anu juggled her duties gracefully to be an inspiring mother, a good wife, and on top of all of this – a highly competent investment banker.Her business acumen, garnered in the banking industry over 10 years, now contributes directly to her efforts with B’atude.

She feels blessed to be able to transfer her skills and work on B’atude full time.

Anu enjoys the simple pleasures in life – being with her family & friends, cooking, her Shih tzu Jake, and being in nature. And in her usual style, Anu becomes a pro at whatever her son’s favourite meal happens to be at the time. Currently, that’s baked pasta!

More than just a founder, Anu contributes on a daily basis to all aspects of B’atude, from the design and concept, right through to communicating with customers and ensuring quality is met at every level.

Reach out to Anu to ask her your questions, find out how to cook awesome pastas – or just to learn more about B’atude and her story!

Co-founder: Manav Someddar

Manav is the other half of the founding B’atude team. He has worked alongside co-founder Anu for more than a decade, bringing a great sense of lasting friendship to the B’atude mission.

Manav brings a refreshing male voice and presence to B’atude: he reminds us that taking care of one’s skin and body is truly more than just using a product. It’s a way of thinking and being conscious about how we spend our money.

The part of B’atude that is closest to his heart is raising awareness of the realities of chemicals used in the beauty industry.

Spurred on by his own experience of using products that harmed his skin, Manav became disenchanted with the fast moving nature of cheap skincare products. And he is just the type of person who can’t help but try and make changes for the better. Constantly striving, he believes there is a great need for raising awareness and providing trustworthy organic products in the beauty industry.

As a keen business marketer and investment banker, Manav has been instrumental in designing, developing and planning the B’atude range right from the start.

Over the last 12 years, Manav not only became a father of two, and acquired experience with the likes of Standard Chartered,HDFC and Mashreq Bank, but he also found time to give back to the community by serving on the board of governors for a private school in Dubai.

All of this experience undoubtedly influences every aspect of his input to B’atude.

And when he is not spreading conscious awareness about beauty products, Manav is an avid chef! He finds it very therapeutic to spend his time cooking and learning to create new dishes.

Reach out to Manav to find out more about how he balances life commitments, his culinary adventures, or of course – his ideas about B’atude.