- What is B'atude?


/ˈbee attude/

To be happy in the knowledge you are honouring and freeing your mind, body and conscience because you have chosen something that is organic, natural and ethical.

“I feel so B’atude about this whole situation!”

What do we do?

We source the highest quality organic ingredients and create incredibly conscious beauty products from them, ethically. Along with that, we share all the things we have learned along this journey into the world of natural, conscious beauty.

How do we do it ?


Once chosen, our experts in France and Germany carefully blend all our pure, organic, natural ingredients under the highest quality manufacturing processes.


We spend an incredible amount of time researching, evaluating, comparing and selecting the organic ingredients that go into each product, and ultimately into the skin.


We make sure we treat and empower everyone involved in B’atude’s production processes fairly and ethically.


We share everything we know about natural beauty products.

We know from personal experience the sense of freedom you get when you are in full knowledge of what you use on your body. And we want everyone who gets to know about B’atude to feel that freedom too. So we debunk myths, we analyse facts and truth about chemicals, and we share honest explanations about ingredients in a way that everyone can understand.  

And that’s how we do things at B’atude!


To provide organic, ethical beauty products that free the body from harmful chemicals, free the mind with raised awareness, and free the conscience with a sense of peace.


  • Every time you use a B’atude product, you are freeing your skin by helping it to thrive naturally.
  • What’s more, with each online purchase from the B’atude website you are contributing directly to a good cause.
  • A portion of all profits are directed towards freeing acid victims in India by providing them with a means to recover and thrive.
  • Thank you for being a part of this journey to empowering conscious people like you to take care of themselves and free the skin they are in!

No question or comment is too small…We’d love to hear from you!

Send us an email at info@batude.com