3 chemicals you might not know are spoiling your skin!

Here’s a serious question: think of your current body lotion.

Would you eat it?

No, seriously.

Would you?

The answer is probably no. And we couldn’t agree more! Who would want to eat body lotion anyway?!

But what if we told you that applying body lotion, creams, oils and anything else onto your skin was exactly the same as eating it?

It’s true.

Applying your body lotion is no different to eating it, because when you put it on your skin, your skin absorbs it directly into the blood stream.

If anything, eating body lotion might take longer to get into your body fully than putting it on your skin directly!

That’s why in hospitals, when patients are truly struggling, they pierce the skin and inject fluids and vitamins into the blood stream.

Short of piercing the skin, simply rubbing the lotion onto your skin is the most sure-fire way to ensure whatever is inside that product goes into your body.

Chemicals, chemicals everywhere, in my body, in my hair!

In almost all beauty products found in supermarkets today, you will find any number of ingredients that you simply can’t pronounce.

For the most part, these are chemicals and they are used for any number of reasons – most usually to preserve the beauty product and make them last longer.

Knowing this, it’s important to know what kinds of chemicals are most common to avoid, and that’s precisely what this special B’atude report is going to help you with. Continue reading “3 chemicals you might not know are spoiling your skin!”