The B’atude Story

What if…

Your skin was more sensitive to your health and well-being than you ever imagined?

It’s true.

Your skin protects and embraces your mind, body and soul.

It is the thing that instantly reveals most about you: your health, your age and your happiness.

So it needs to be cared for consciously.

 And sometimes, it needs to be transformed.  

Consciously transformed..

B’atude’s story began more than five years ago, with a conscious awakening triggered by Anu and Manav’s exposure to the beauty industry’s harmful realities.

After endless research, they found themselves on a journey to find and create quality organic beauty products that free the mind, body and conscience.

They wanted everything they put on their skin to be deeply nourishing, ethical and good.

Harmful toxins?   No, thank you!

Wasteful to the planet?  No way!

Profit before ethics?  Not for us.

Read on to find out how it all unfolded

More than five years ago, both Anu and Manav were colleagues enjoying success in their careers, and had become great friends.

They had both gathered a deep wealth of experience in Asset Management.

Asset management seems a long way away from beauty products and skincare, doesn’t it?

Well, here’s the connection

Some of the assets they were managing involved beauty products. 

And being interested and curious souls, Anu and Manav had an opportunity to personally try some of them.

And this was when the reality of the beauty industry began to sink in.

Produced in bulk mass, and sold by the crate load, after trying some beauty products just a few times, Anu and Manav started to develop worrying rashes on their skin.

Anu in particular began to experience a more severe onset of hormonal problems – and she could not pinpoint what was causing it.

She soon realised it was her skin! 

Her hormonal issues were deeply connected and heavily influenced by the types of ingredients she was putting on her skin.

Absorbed directly into their bodies, Anu and Manav became deeply worried by the chemicals and ingredients present in most beauty products they were applying to their skin.

They felt trapped by this discovery.

But more than that, they felt trapped by their own lack of knowledge to support their skincare choices.

They wondered: is it just us who know so little about what we put on our skin?

After asking friends, family, clients, colleagues and potential skincare users about the effects of using certain harmful ingredients common in most beauty products, their fears were confirmed.

They were not the only ones who were unaware.

 After this, Anu and Manav actively began to deepen their own knowledge and understanding of the ingredients and chemicals used in the beauty products industry.

It was only then that they finally began to feel less trapped and more free.

But along with their new sense of freedom in the knowledge they had gained, they felt a growing sense of responsibility to empower others too.

But how could they go about it?

This dilemma kept them up at night.

And like a calling, this is when B’atude was born.

First, they chose the name: B’atude – a playful blend of the words ‘Beautiful’ and ‘Attitude’.

Then, Anu and Manav began to spread awareness about harsh chemicals and ingredients to their friends and family.

 But they didn’t want to only empower people with their information and advice.

 They also wanted to provide people with a real alternative for their beauty choices.

 They knew then that they needed to create organic, natural beauty products themselves.

So, ingredient by ingredient, completely from scratch, they developed a range of organic, ethical beauty products that would be kind to both conscience and skin.

And before they knew it, through B’atude, they were finding ways to make positive changes to people’s lives and free them – their minds, skin and conscience – all at once.

Their goal has been the same ever since:

To provide organic, ethical beauty products that free the body from harmful chemicals, free the mind with raised awareness, and free the conscience with a sense of peace.

If you’re a B’atude user, this is your story now too.

Welcome to the B’atude family!