My Organic Skincare Journey

Enjoy yourself.. That’s what your 20’s are for and if you are sensible enough then somewhere on your way to your 30’s you realise it’s time to do the right thing, and that’s what you call doing damage control( read love yourself for who you really are) and try to preserve what’s left of the real you( in my case, my skin and hair) so you can enter your 30’s with open arms.

Change is inevitable. That’s the only constant fact of life and you got to be ready for it, you like it or not! So, when I turned 27 last year I did a little slef introspection and realised that I have a great deal of self issues to take care of. For someone who’s blessed with great skin and thick mane, I took it for granted because was never happy with my appearance. The ideal image of the perfect girl that we see on the Internet and  constant feeding on TV and these so called icons created by the Internet isn’t real. Unfortunately, I tried my best to look a part of it, obviously, I couldn’t and it only lead to self destruction of a sort that we women do to ourself knowingly, unknowingly everyday.

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