Top 3 No-fuss steps to get your skin glowing for good!

Sometimes we can fool ourselves into thinking that we are doing enough to make sure our skin looks good.  We pretend that all of those late nights, unhealthy meals, internal negative dialogue, and sheer stress of work, family and life won’t affect our skin. Our skin is one of our most precious assets, but it’s also the one that reveals everything to others.

So what can we do to make sure we safeguard it?

In this article, we’ll share 3 areas you can improve to get your skin glowing even if the rest of your life is chaos. These crucial areas are: water, sleep and regime.

  1. Water!

Yes, you’ve probably heard it all before: drink more water to keep yourself looking fresh. The fact is, it’s a simple truth. After all, we are beings made up of 80% water! And our entire planet is covered by water, more than land! But maybe you haven’t heard that it’s not just about drinking more water to keep hydrated through the day, it’s about the type of water you drink too.

The water you wash yourself with and that comes through taps is filled with chloride, a chemical that helps disinfect it, but that nonetheless affects the water you clean yourself with. It’s similar to what we put in a swimming pool to keep it clean.

But you must know that drinking that type of water is bad for you! Exactly. That’s why it’s so important to make sure that through the week you also hydrate yourself with natural spring water – it can change everything for you!

  1. Sleep!

Have you ever wondered how models get their glowing skin?

It is one of the best known secrets of the modelling industry that sleep is prioritised as a part of a models working day, especially before a critical show or performance.

The same is true of athletes and extremely high performers!

They all do the same thing: they prioritise and protect their sleep, making sure they get a very good chunk of uninterrupted sleep long before they are due. This keeps their skin, eyes and energy totally tight and fresh. If you want to get your glow on, get protective and serious about your sleep. 

  1. Regime!

And not just any regime! Morning and night, if you want glowing skin, you need to weave in time alone with your skin – even if it’s only 15 seconds. 15 seconds doesn’t sound a lot, does it? All it takes is a gentle blob of natural, organic, ethically sourced

Yes, the ethically sourced part matters! What you spend your money on, put onto your skin and absorb, it all affects your energy and your values. It reflects what you stand for. What you put into your skin goes into your body. You are your energy. If you are exposed to polluted air all the time, and if you’re putting cheap products onto your body, it all affects your skin and your vibe.

B’atude has many products that are engineered to save you time and energy. One of our favourites is B’atude’s most popular Soothing Foam, which combines the best of an astringent cleanser and a toner so you not only deeply cleanse your skin but save time and the extra hassle of applying toner too.

For more tips like this, see our complete range, and how we like to follow the Soothing Foam with our favourite Rejuvenating Day Cream.

A long journey, for those with a beautiful attitude

Remember these steps need long-term commitment and action. It’s going to make you feel good when you just start doing them, but it’s going to make you feel incredible if you keep them up over the long term.

So join in the B’atude movement to drink more, sleep better and use natural, organic products on your precious skin.

What are your secret weapons when it comes to saving time on your skincare regime? Share with us on Instagram or in the comments below!

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Until next time!

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