Does your skin really need a night cream ?

As per the recent poll survey on our social media 83% participants believe that skin needs a night cream going before the bed.

Yes, you heard it right, As Night, during sleep as its the best time for skin to repair

As formation of new skin cells is accelerated during night time since the body is relaxed and not stressed much by any external factors. This is the perfect time, as your skin care routine plays a key role to regenerate the cells and smoothens it.



It’s important and even recommended by most of the aestheticians and skincare experts globally to have night time skincare routine as your morning skincare routine won’t last till night. And, your skin has been gone through a lot by the night (harmful sunrays, dirt-sweat, pollutants, and what not. So, you need deep cleansing, moisturizing and skin-repairing products.


If you have applied any, make up products it’s important to first remove it, use B’atude soothing foam which works as a good cleanser removes the makeup. Yes, we suggest our night care routine as follows…….


3 Simple Basic Step Process CTM (Cleansing, Toning and Moisturizing) and Rest Magic will be done by B’atude

B’atude organic skincare products are the best for all skin type for cleansing use this amazing  Soothing Foam wash (cleanser + Toner) which is soap free organic, 0% synthetic chemicals and paraben& SLS free it shows great results at all skin types ranging from sensitive-dry-oily-normal it will suit for all and it’s easy to apply pump makes it all more convenient for the user. It consists of Organic witch hazel extract helps reduce the excess of sebum in the skin and tightens pore, Organic Glycerin for softening and hydrating the skin and organic green tea extracts rich in anti-oxidants, detoxify your skin, helps in thoroughly cleansing the face without making it dry, tones up the skin so you don’t need a toner separately,

Then comes moisturizing its recommended to use Aqua/water-base B’atude Regenerating Night Cream that will moisturize and soften your skin all through night to regenerate & repair, leaving behind a youthful radiant face in morning, it works so magically on your Face that you will feel the effect on very first application itself and it has some really beneficial ingredients i.e. Antarcticine (restructuring glycoprotein), Organic Green tea (rich in anti-oxidants), Organic Bees-wax (moisturizing), Organic Aloe vera, Organic Argan oil (Rich in Vit.E), Hyaluronic Acid (hydrating & elasticity). As its organic product a pea-sized cream will be enough to cover entire face and neck-line.

Best Value Product, Amazing Air-Less Packaging


Our regenerating night cream comes with air-less packaging, that prevents the oxidation of the cream, as it inhibits the contact of outside air to contents inside, as a results increases the shelf life of the product and it’s NO BACK FLOW TECHNIQUE helps you use the product till the last drop left in the bottle.


Your Body also need Night Recovery Therapy. Let your Skin Hydrate and Recover


After using night regenerating cream for your face its always advisable to use  Organic Body lotion because your body also need the repair and nourishment from the exhaustive whole day fatigue, owing to the valuable ingredients of the body lotions i.e. organic green tea extracts (Antioxidants) that drains all harmful toxins from the body, moisturizes skin with glycerin and organic shea butter, Argan oil & Aloe vera for its amazing anti-inflammatory properties it works miraculously on any skin type. And, the Best thing is! without any harmful and synthetic chemicals results are great!!


The Best thing about B’atude products is that they suffice all the daily skincare requirements for all skin types and being organic only a minute quantity will work wonder on your skin. Hope this helps you solve your skincare issues, as night is the best time for your skin to recover, repair from the entire day skin damage. Soon, we will come with our Day-time routine, that will surely answer all your skincare queries and questions related. As, we aspire to care.


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