Luxury Bathing essentials💦- @batudebrand

When It comes to Monsoon, Summer or any weather condition, We all need a rejuvenation, A Mini spa at home to Rejuvenate ourself from all the Tiredness, And At the end of the day, we get that from a Relaxing bath❤️⛱️ . . And to provide you that luxurious bath, @batudebrand has Launched some really Luxury Bathing essentials💦 .They provide organic, ethical beauty products that free the body from harmful chemicals,free the mind with raised awareness, and free the conscience with a sense of peace. .theysource the highest quality organic ingredients and create incredibly conscious beauty products from the I luckily got my hands on 2 of their bestsellers . . 1- BA'TUDE ORGANIC MASSAGE GEL 2-BA'TUDE EXFOLIATING BODY SCRUB 🌿🌿💦💦 . . 1-BA'TUDE ORGANIC MASSAGE GEL The massage Gel is ideal for dehydrated, Dry skin, that needs elasticity, youthfulness and flexibility🌿 . . INGREDIENTS JOJOBA OIL GINGERBREAD FRAGRANCE ORGANIC GLYCERINE . . The ingredients moisturizes skin by making it soft and supple, Can be used on wet body for massaging, Priced for Rs 2200/- for 150gm, A bit expensive but worth a penny❤️ . . 2- BA'TUDE EXFOLIATING BODY SCRUB The scrub has all the ingredients to make you fall in love with, the scrub actively foster cell renewal, removes skin impurities leaving it smooth and supple. . . INGREDIENTS ORGANIC SHEA BUTTER ORGANIC WITCH HAZEL ORGANIC GREEN TEA ORGANIC ARGAN OIL OMEGA 6,VIT A AND E . . Apply liberally all over the wet body and remove under shower and feel the freshness. Priced for Rs 2000/- for 150mg, This is a product not to be missed. . . Follow 👉 @batudebrand For exotic range of masks and scrubs which will make you fall in love with them❤️💦 Do try the products and share the reviews, you can order them from 👉 Keep following me for more❤️💦🤩 . . #batude #organicskincare #bath #bathingessentials #natural #bodyscrub #massagegel #arganoil #sheabutter #Lifestyle #productreview #instagood #instagrammer #instalikes #likesforlikes #followforfollow #bloggerstyle #bloggersofinstagram #bloggersofindia #blogging #beautybloggers #beautyblog #delhibloggers #delhiblogger #bloggersworld #likesforlikesback #likesforfollow

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What are your current favorite skincare products?


My Organic Skincare Journey

Enjoy yourself.. That’s what your 20’s are for and if you are sensible enough then somewhere on your way to your 30’s you realise it’s time to do the right thing, and that’s what you call doing damage control( read love yourself for who you really are) and try to preserve what’s left of the real you( in my case, my skin and hair) so you can enter your 30’s with open arms.

Change is inevitable. That’s the only constant fact of life and you got to be ready for it, you like it or not! So, when I turned 27 last year I did a little slef introspection and realised that I have a great deal of self issues to take care of. For someone who’s blessed with great skin and thick mane, I took it for granted because was never happy with my appearance. The ideal image of the perfect girl that we see on the Internet and  constant feeding on TV and these so called icons created by the Internet isn’t real. Unfortunately, I tried my best to look a part of it, obviously, I couldn’t and it only lead to self destruction of a sort that we women do to ourself knowingly, unknowingly everyday.

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Archnoka – I received skin care goodies from #batude…

#مساء_الخير بنات 👧 وصلني امس منتجات عنايه بالبشره من #batude من فتره جربت الغسول الرغوي عندهم وكتبت عنه بوست مفصل عجبني انه منتجاتهم معظم مكوناتها طبيعيه 🍃 بجرب المنتجات الجديدة و بكتب رائي فيها قريباً . . Hi gorgeous 💕 Yesterday I received skin care goodies from #batude I already tried the face wash from this brand and like it. There products are natural and not tested on animals 🐰. I'll try the new product and post my experience soon . . . . . #beauty #bblogger #bbloggers #skincareaddict #instabeauty #uae #beautycare #likeforlike #instablogger #GCC #mydubai #instablog #beautyblogger #likeforlikeback #like4like #like #صوره #تصوير #تصويري #لايكات #لايك #بلوقر #بلوقرز #عنايه_بالبشره #تجارب_بنات #تجارب_بلوقرز

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Batude regenerating night cream

B'atude regenerating Night Cream


My experience with the brand b’atude organic

Hi everyone! How are you doing? Hope you all are having a fine summer. ☺
So recently I happened to get my hands on a few products from the brand b’atude organic. I got the night cream, eye contour cream and day cream.
B’atude is an organic premium brand manufactured in France brought to us sure in India by sublime factory. Sublime factory is a company that connects International brands with National customers. They happen to have a very user friendly interface and my experience with them has been outstanding so far.
The products I got : b’atude regenerating night Cream, b’atude rejuvenating great cream, b’atude eye contour cream
The packaging of the products : Each product has kind of the same packaging and the packaging is super cute. It really attracted my eyes at the first sight, the cap is silvery finished and rest of the body is matte finish and really looks classy from a distance. anybody and everybody can be attracted to this super cute packaging.
The consistency of the products :
the products have a whitish colour and thick consistency. however b’atude busts the myth that Organic products have a low shelf life. these actually have a higher shelf life, in fact they have higher shelf lives than most of the Organic products I have seen in the market . This helps in the usage of the products for a prolonged time and is really helpful to the customer.